story of the day #1

In what could be considered as a bizarre world for many, for him it was considered as his home. In a world that defied the laws of physics and nature. Numerous dimensions challenged logic and common sense. Ranging from liquid mountains and other liquid surfaces floating on the sky to planes covered in ice and snow, with the atmosphere giving an impression of an extremely cold environment to what it seemed in reality. This strange world was inhabited by creatures with somewhat eccentric body features. For every dimension there were a group of creatures that have adapted themselves differently. He was somewhat different to the creatures of this world. While some creatures had wings, he didn’t. While some were quadrupedal, he was bipedal. He also had different abilities from the other creatures he could travel between dimensions, while they couldn’t. He could float in that random sky that the strange world had, while the creatures could whether run or swim. In that vast world, the little kid hasn’t even seen half of the dimensions that this eccentric, rather precious world offers. The little boy has never seen someone like him.  He kept asking himself repeated times if there was like him. At one point he started questioning his existence. One day the little kid wanted answers, so he started wandering throughout the immense world and its vast dimensions. As long as he passed by he found numerous environments. All kinds of worlds hosting phenomena like rivers of fire, worlds without soil and infinite profundity covered by a dense fog, worlds where clouds had solid state, lightless worlds, volcanic worlds. There were so many worlds with his creatures and its features. The boy was getting desperate in an attempt to find someone like him. When everything seemed dark for him, he found someone. In a world dominated by a natural green colour it could be appreciated a vast plain surrounded by a dense forest. The other boy seemed quite lost while observing the imposing landscape. The traveller decided to approach him. As he continued to walk, the boy from that green world noticed him. He seemed surprised at first; however, his face went from surprise to complete happiness. The two boys, then, started talking about all sorts of things. Although the two boys presented the same body characteristics the kid from this vast green world couldn’t travel between dimensions, he instead could understand the other creatures and he never abandoned his world. The two kids befriended each other and the traveller boy decided to take his friend to know the vast dimensions that were out there. They saw countless worlds. As they passed by all these worlds, they made tons of friends, all thanks to the telepathic ability of the travellers little friend. The traveller’s friend had a weak body so they had stopped regularly to rest a bit. As time passed on the condition of the telepath kid worsened, however, he didn’t tell his friend about the problem because he wanted to keep travelling with him. Even more after he started to feel him as a brother. After travelling to crystalline dimensions, gas like dimensions, colourful like coralline dimensions, polygonal like worlds and, worlds without nights they decided to go in search of more creatures like them. During their search, the condition of traveller’s friend was made noticeable. They immediately returned to the little telepath’s dimension and stayed there until he recuperated a bit. In a short space of days the telepath recovered a little. So they decided to go on with their plan. But on that fatidic moment, the telepathic kid collapsed to the ground. The little traveller didn’t know what was going on. He thought everything was fine. The traveller was horrified to see his suffering that much. The traveller’s friend started spewing crimson like liquid from his mouth. After a while he stopped. However, he was lying in the ground without the possibility of moving a single finger. The little telepath started remembering all their adventures and all the great times the two kids had travelling together. The traveller, desperate in tears, promised his friend that once he’d recover they would recover time lost and start traveling. The little telepath smiling said he was happy to meet someone like him, but it was time to say goodbye. After that moment the little traveller started to cry hopelessly. Giant clouds started to cry with the little boy. The little boys’ cry could be felt all over the countless dimensions. Day and night, hours and days, his angst was palpable. The traveller decided to stay in that world in order to remember his companion. The other dimensions haven’t seen the dimensional traveller since that unfortunate accident and, ever since that fatidic day the little boy was condemned to wander in that odd world alone with a feeling of emptiness and loneliness as well as not being able to say the word friend to another physical being.


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